To further CRPA’s mission, our Legislative Committee works with the state's General Assembly to craft public policy and to monitor that which impacts park and recreation opportunities for all Connecticut residents. To accomplish this goal CRPA has contracted with a government relations firm, which provides us further access to the state legislature.  

Please take time to explore this section of the website to learn about pending legislative initiatives that could have an impact on parks and recreation in our state.  

Park and recreation professional need to get involved by contacting their state delegation on issues of concern. These grassroots efforts are what makes the difference!


Legislative Committee

CRPA's legislative committee works together with the association’s board of directors, executive director, and government relations firm to:

  • monitor and review proposed legislation
  • monitor and review existing statute and regulations
  • provide written and oral testimony on proposed legislation
  • meet with legislators to educate them on current issues
  • initiate grassroots efforts to mobilize members on important areas of concern

To join the committee please contact committee chair Paul Roche at [email protected] or CRPA at [email protected].