Water Safety Event

2019 Water Safety Event

January 1, 2019

Host a 2019 event in your community!

Summer is almost here and that means your pools and waterfront facilities are almost open!

Help educate local families on ways to stay safe while playing in and around the water.

Bring this important message of water safety to children and parents within your community by hosting a Water Safety Event.  Your local event will help us to achieve our aim of preventing water-related injuries and fatalities.

Preparing your event is easy since we’ve done all of the planning for you!  Download our FREE Water Safety Handbook and Workbook, find a location in your community, and invite people to attend.  Register with us so that we know how many of these important events are taking place around the state.

Learning how to swim is an essential component to preventing water related fatalities however, this local event serves as a starting point for children to learn how to be safe in and around water.


Water Safety Handbook

Water Safety Workbook