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The Connecticut Recreation & Parks Association has a long history of leadership in our state. Since 1949, our membership has been fostering parks and recreation growth and professionalism throughout Connecticut. Today, our membership exceeds 750 members including parks and recreation professionals, commercial service providers, entertainers, and citizen activists.

We also partner with other organizations to share information and network!

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Associate Memberships

Companies or individuals that provide a product, service, or benefit program to park and recreation departments may join CRPA as an associate member.

Associate Membership

Commercial/Service Provider Membership

Commercial, private, or non-profit company that supplies products, services, and/or benefit programs to parks and recreation agencies. Includes 3 voting members.


Associate Individual Membership

Individuals who are advocates of the parks and recreation movement but are not principally engaged in professional parks and/or recreation services under a public, private, or voluntary group.


Associate Entertainer Membership

A performing group/act, whose members are not professionally employed in the parks and recreation field, that wishes to support the association through membership. (Booking Agents/Firms representing multiple entertainers may purchase a Commercial/Service Provider Membership which will cover each act they represent; otherwise, an Associate Entertainer Membership must be obtained for each individual act.)