Find Your Legislator

Find Your State & U.S. Legislators

Getting in touch and keeping in touch with the policy decision makers in your town, state, and federal government is a great way to ensure they know the direct impact their decisions and votes make!

Local elected officials, such as mayors and commissioners, are on the frontlines of open space protection and increasing recreational opportunities. These community officials can be very helpful in capturing the attention of local newspapers and community leaders. They also typically have great influence with federal legislators.

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Whether it’s to discuss local or national recreation and park issues, nothing impresses members of Congress more than constituents who take the time to contact them on important issues. Most lobbying is simply educating your legislators or their staff on the impact that a policy will have on their constituents.

Lastly, you don't have to travel to Washington to meet with your congressional representatives. Most weekends and holidays members of Congress return home, and most have several district or state offices. These are wonderful opportunities for an individual or group to meet with your elected officials.

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