Share Your Story

As you know, CRPA has launched a new PR campaign to help our departments show that parks and recreation departments provide essential services and are SO MUCH MORE than sports, camps, and pools.

We will be doing a weekly So Much More SPOTLIGHT on our Facebook page highlighting the ways that our member-departments contribute the quality of life, economic and environmental well-being, and the mental and physical health of a community.

That’s where YOU come in... SEND US YOUR STORIES!

From running COVID vaccination sites and providing services for high-risk members of your community to partnering with local businesses and restaurants to drive economic growth, we know that you are all doing AMAZING THINGS in your towns.

Tell us how your department is SO MUCH MORE than people may think.  We will choose one story to highlight every Friday!  Send your story with photos, links to news articles, etc. to: [email protected].

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for all who call Connecticut home!