Email ListServ

Email Listserv

The CRPA email listserv is a member benefit. Members can ask questions and find out information from their colleagues or market their products and services. Survey information can be gathered quickly with email responses from other members.  Please tally all survey results, attach your document to the email, and send it to the listserv so all members can benefit from this information.

Listserv Guidelines: 

  1. Members should post the question themselves by submitting the question to [email protected]. That way all responses go directly to the person who posted the question.
  2. When responding, please do NOT “Reply to All”.  Respond ONLY to the person asking the question.  By responding to all, it requires moderator approval therefore responses can be delayed.  It also clutters others' inboxes.
  3. Responses should be tabulated and made available, in an attachment, to the membership via the listserv.
  4. All members are encouraged to respond, as the sharing of information is an important aspect of your membership in the CRPA. 
  5. CRPA Professional members’ use of the listserv is limited to asking questions and giving advice.  Professional members cannot market their events and programs through the listserv.   CRPA Affiliate members, including Commercial and Entertainer members, may market their  products and services through the listserv.
  6. Affiliate Members (Commercial & Entertainer members) are allotted three email blasts per year to market a product or service, advertise a special event, or promote special offers.
*Please note: non-members who attempt to send via the listserv will receive a notice that they are unable to send. If you receive this notice and believe that you still have a current and active membership please contact the CRPA office to ensure we have your current email address in our system.

Survey Results

Surveys and sharing between the membership is important! Recent, past surveys can be found on the password protected, members only section of this website.