Request a Board Ambassador

Request a Board Ambassador

January 1, 2021

CRPA is eager to help our members celebrate accomplishments for community projects, groundbreaking ceremonies, or ribbon cuttingings, and at retirement parties for long-serving professionals in the field. We are happy to provide a Board Ambassador at your event to deliver a brief scripted presentation along with a Certificate of Recognition to highlight the importance of investing in open space and indoor and outdoor recreation and the impact it has on economic development and quality of life in our communities.

We require three-week's notice to provide our board members enough time to work it into their schedules, so please submit a request for a speaker as soon as you have a public presentation date finalized.


  1. Click on "Register Online" below and complete the request form.
  2. The CRPA Executive Director will identify the Board Ambassador who will be attending your event.
  3. The Board Ambassador will contact you directly for any additional information needed and will bring the Certificate of Recognition to your event (we can only provide certificates of regocnition to CRPA member departments).